This is a Danish Web Site which started with only one purpose ….

To train my former brain capacity back to normal
after several years of serious illness.

In connection with a heart disease …  I had a heart transplantation in spring 2007 and everything is going just fine – except for a small brain damage, which I try to ”get rid of” with this project.
These pages are built from scratch – from the start only with the use of a simple text-editor. Most commands are keyed in manually and tested and tested, corrected and tested again. Today I’m using newer CMSes.
To make things a little more interesting I have included some genealogy work (made with same purpose) and other good stories may follow some day.
An unexpected bonus to this work is, when I started receiving mails from all over the world, asking questions to my genealogy.
These mails are NOT written in danish !!!
…. and so I am able to retrain my foreign languages too…. 😉

As you see, are these pages not fancy ones with lots of family pictures, funny videos, tons of music, bad jokes and so on.
Besides the genealogy work (in english), this is mostly text-pages telling you something about my life, as I time to time need to tell someone about those ”bad” years – in danish.
Actually, I do not care if anybody reads my writing – I just need to get it out ….
If you are interested you may use a Translation Tool to get an idea of what I am writing about – and don’t forget to click on everything … maybe something new will appear.

…. so ….

Are you on a “wrong” site ???

If ”yes” I will wish you Happy Day and tell you GoodBye.
If ”no” and you wish to learn more from my pages I welcome you.