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1. nov 2017 … this page is a new-edited version of original pages from April-June 2014 and  may 2015

Dear braSilian Carla Maffioletti

I wonder if you ever will read this … but I just want you to know


– – – o o o O o o o – – –

To be honest: You are not my top-opera-soprano, and you will probably never be, BUT …

… you do something very VERY important to my life almost every day

– and the least I can do, is to pay a little back by follow and support you.
That’s why, you find me in your Dream Making too … and I’ll be there whenever you’ll release future recordings. Someday I’ll find you on stage once more, but until then you have to “fight my calendar” with opera houses, clasical concert scenes and other superstars singing around in Europe – and last but not least … my health.
My passion for beautiful Opera-singing though is dedicated to you and you alone.

Confused? This might help. Here is a little of my story:

In 2004-07 I was serios ill. Actually my heart was stopped 8-10 times or so, but I was lucky and I had lots and lots of life-saving surgery, ending up with a heart transplantation – I almost lived 24/7 at the hospital those years.
Today my life is pretty OK, living with a Donor’s Heart, and I’m able to travel around in Europe quite a lot to visite opera houses and concert scenes. I have though not been able to make your schedule “fit” to mine – but someday i’ll manage ! 🙂
Unfortunately I have to live with some side effects from the surgery. Especially I suffer from lots of very bad muscle pains due to the medical treatment. The doctors and I have tried so many ways to get rid of these pains, but nothing really worked, u n t i l …

I guess it’s about 5 years ago (2013?), that I by chance watch a few seconds of “something” on my TV.
The next weeks and months those few seconds followed me – couldn’t forget what I’ve picked up.
It took me quite a while to figure out, what was on my mind – a well-known (children’s) opera featuring two beautiful small sweet brasilian sopranos.

I didn’t really think, either of them or the orchester they were singing with, were anything special even if world-known for playing “happy music from the past”, but something kept me following these girls.

Among other I found that one of the them just had released a new CD, and even if it was not really my music, I bought the BlueBird, not quite sure what to expect.

– – – So (!!!), I put on my headset, laid down on my bed, turned the music (first track was the Casta Diva) on

… and then MAGIC happened.


That very day I named Carla Maffioletti “my daily medication” !!! – suddenly BlueBird-Carla earned a big hug, that I will never be able to give her.

Because: Every time my physical pains are too much, I simply plug you into my ears, and then I have at least 45 minutes of real relaxation without ANY pains – I’m usually starting with Normas lovely Casta Diva as the first time.
The sound of your voice simply makes pains disappear.
This seems strange, but today the magic still works, so you’re always with me (in my phone) … new records please (My Dream !!!).
It’s not what you sing – It’s your special voice.

To figure out what was going on, I planned to go to Valkenburg to attend your 2014-concert, and maybe I could have had a chat with you … Unfortunately I was sick and unable to go. It must have been a wonderful night (I have seen videos) – nice weather and the bird choir in the sunset accompanied by strings and a very special voice.

Instead I found you a year later, when we were enjoying the beautiful swiss Luzern and surroundings during a week’s vacation. You were member of Luzerner Theater’s ensemble, and Zerbinetta made me buy my very first opera-ticket ever. This evening was an eye-opener to a new world (take a look at the tab Passion). Maybe my Donor’s Heart had a part in this “play” too – – – strange and awesome it is !!!

Today I know, that some of the World’s most beautiful music is to be found in the opera-scores and in Luzern I started to learn and understand two thing:

Opera is the music of the Heart and
Opera can only be song from the Heart

– it sounds better in danish: “Opera er Hjertets Sang”, and “Opera kan kun synges med Hjertet” 😉
I sometimes wonder what life my donated Heart have had, before it was given to me 🙂

Those days I searched the streets of Luzern whenever outside, but never found Carla in person.

How the sound of your voice can ease all my pains and make them go away for a little while, is still a mystery (to my doctors too)

All my top-sopranos can give my goosebumps lots of goosebumps,
but they CANNOT release my pains as you do
– NOONE can

Thanks for helping me through my Life – I’ll try to do the same for you if needed, but I can’t sing like the Emperor’s Nightingale by the sick-bed as you do (!!!) and you can’t teach me.

Now you MUST think I’m totally CRAZY – and yes !!! I have a slight brain damage, but else I’m just a silly old fool, that aged 60+ years dicovered a world of oh-so-beautiful-music – the classical Opera.
Opera has become an issue at this website (tab queens/passion), and of course you are included with the page, you are reading right now.
Pages are mostly in danish (sounds like “backwards dutch”), but translation tools (especially to english) should work OK, if you are interested.

Well, that’s it …
Enjoy Life and let all your dreams come through



If you like or feel to comment, please do!!
Just use this link called write me


PS: If you are curious about some of my other present soprano preferences:

You are listed as PainKilling Carla Maffioletti among:
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– I guess you know some of them 😉

PSPS: I just received your “Sentimental” – that voice !!! – magic still works 🙂


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May 21, 2015 – Schweiz – – – from my FB-profile …

Gestern Abend war Ich im Luzerner Theater um der Komponist(in), die Ariadne und die Zerbinetta zu beobachten/sehen/hören.

Der Haubt-Grund, dass Ich erste Mal meinem Leben ein klassichen Oper
besuchen wollte, war allein, dass du, Carla, die Rolle von Zerbinetta singen solltest.

Ich hatte gute Karte gekauft, und “wauw” dass war ein Erlebnis (und dazu ganz Spass). Es wird nicht das letzte Mal sein, dass Ich Karte für deine Stimme  oder eine Oper kaufen werde. Ein wunderbarer Abend!!!