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Not everything is documented by holgersweb.dk
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Records before about 1600ad or marked with (¤) are most likely not documented by this page, but shared from other genealogies that are considered to be reliable.
Anyway - it may be helpful to you.
You're very welcome to get in contant, if you find any errors or have better infos.

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Top 20 given names


Given names
Given name Individuals
Christian 130
Peter 123
Jens 91
dreng 86
Hans 83
Niels 73
Carl 67
Frederik 56
Peder 54
Johan 49
Johannes 46
Jørgen 41
Jacob 40
Rasmus 33
Vilhelm 33
Henrik 32
Valdemar 32
Emil 31
Ole 29
Erik 28


Given names
Given name Individuals
Marie 221
Anna 100
Johanne 79
pige 72
Ane 68
Anne 67
Margrethe 59
Kirstine 53
Sophie 53
Karen 52
Cathrine 52
Christine 50
Elisabeth 49
Caroline 46
Maria 42
Maren 40
Emilie 38
Louise 36
Kirsten 35
Henriette 30